Why don’t you offer support via Twitte...

Why don’t you offer support via Twitter?

There are plenty of reasons why we don’t offer Twitter support, including:

The 140 character limit

Even with the fab creation that is deck.ly, there’s not enough space to go into your issue in detail. It’s best for both parties to be as specific as possible, and Twitter just isn’t designed for that.

Security and data protection

Not only is it easy enough to fake a Twitter account, but we don’t want to give out or ask for personal information or any other details that could compromise the security of your websites or account.

It’s not Twitter’s purpose

Twitter wasn’t built as a tech support platform, whereas our bespoke ticketing system was, and has a lot of essential features to ensure your question is answered appropriately and efficiently. Trawling through hundreds of tweets to find out what was said last doesn’t sound like the best way to offer support.

Details are sparse

On Twitter, we can’t necessarily tell how much technical knowledge you have, what issues you’ve raised in the past, which products and services you have or even what your name and website are, making it more difficult to help. This is especially true if you’re a reseller and your customer has a question. On the other hand, our support team has the details needed to provide a solution.

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