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Securing cPanel and WHM Access

When using an unsecured connection to cPanel and WHM, your username and password are sent as clear text over the Internet. It is advised to use SSL to secure all accesses to both control panels. From WHM, click on “Server Configuration > Tweak Settings” and configure the redirection parameters as follow:


Choosing a PHP Handler

PHP is an important part of your cPanel server. One aspect of PHP’s configuration that can be overlooked is the PHP handler. The PHP handler is the specific implementation of PHP on your server that interfaces with Apache. On a cPanel server, there are four main PHP Handlers:

  • DSO
  • CGI
  • FastCGI
  • SuPHP

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PHP Handlers Explained

In order to run a PHP website, the server interprets the PHP code and generates a page when visitors access the website. The PHP handler is loads the PHP so that it can be used for interpretation. PHP handlers determine how PHP is loaded on the server. Speed and Security are two key reasons for switching PHP Handlers but there is always a trade off between the two. Each handler delivers the libraries through different files and implementations. Each file and implementation affects Apache’s performance, because it determines how Apache serves PHP.

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Confusion in suPHP, suPHPexec and Apache suEXEC

What is phpsuexec?

Phpsuexec is a deprecated feature in cPanel where php is setup as cgi instead of apache module. All shared hosting servers have been updated from phpsuexec to suPHP. This applies to such clients that are still using phpsuexec on their VPSs/Dedicated servers. Phpsuexec brings a new level of security to the way php is used.

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