USA & UK Web Hosting

USA & UK Web Hosting

Major differences between UK web hosting and US web hosting.

UK web hosting has its headquarters/data centers in the United Kingdom (England) sometimes recognized with a .uk or domain.

US web hosting has its headquarters/data centers in the United States sometimes recognized with a .us domain.

 Choosing either location for your web hosting services can provide you with many advantages, although you are only going to notice such advantages if you are running a website which is aimed at a specific target audience located in or close to either location.

US web hosting tends to be used by those who wish to aim their websites at a world wide audience, or more specific regions for which the US has fast connections to such as South America, Asia and the Middle East.

European specific websites are hosted by UK web hosting providers, or by European web hosting companies; however, at the end of the day the choice of location isn’t important for European specific websites.

Such advantages for UK web hosting services may include:

  1. Costs
    Due to the current exchange rates, UK web hosting services are going to be cheaper for those who are living in the UK and want to aim their website at a UK or European based audience – although US web hosting has previously been seen as a cheaper alternative, UK web hosting is now the cheapest place for UK based individuals and businesses to host their websites
  2. Faster connections
    If you are a UK based individual or business then you are likely to experience faster connection times to your website or server if it is hosted in the UK compared to having a US hosted website or server – this means that if your user base is based in the UK, your users are also going to experience a faster connection to your website
  3. UK based support
    UK based web hosting providers should be able to offer UK based support for their customers since it will allow support agents to interact with customers at a much different level, which in turn gives a company a good image.

Such advantages are also applicable for US based residents who are using US web hosting services. However, there are still advantages to be had by foreign users who are considering US web hosting services for their web hosting needs.

Such advantages for US web hosting services may include:

  1. Lower costs
    If the exchange rate is acceptable, then US based web hosting services may be cheaper for some since bandwidth, server hardware and power are three factors which are still cheaper in the United States than they are in Europe and the United Kingdom, but of course it does depend on the currency which you are paying in
  2. Higher amounts of disk space and bandwidth
    Because of lower costs you will be able to get larger amounts of disk space and bandwidth for your money if you choose a US based web hosting provider rather than a UK based web hosting provider
  3. Faster connections to Asia
    Because the USA is closer to Asia and the middle east, US based web hosting will be the best solution for you if you want to aim your website at an audience which is based in these parts of the world because the US has faster data connections to both Asia and the Middle East.

In conclusion, US web hosting services are ideal for anyone wanting a cheap web hosting package or looking to host a website that is aimed at an international audience; UK web hosting services are better suited to users who are looking to host a website that is aimed at a UK based audience or European audience based on the SEO and speed benefits that you will receive. You should consider your requirements before considering US web hosting or UK web hosting so that you are able to make the most of what web hosting providers from each country have to offer.

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