VPS Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting

Traditionally, businesses with dire need for dedicated computing resources go out and purchase a dedicated server from a provider. This has worked out very well and is still the best venue to guarantee resources and response time. In recent years, however, there has been a sporadic growth of very small businesses (VSBs). These are businesses owned by small but ambitious entrepreneurs.

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As it turns out, VSBs do not need all of the horsepower of a fully fledged dedicated server especially when the expected immediate growth is modest. This is where a Virtual Private Server (VPS) comes in. In this Explained page, VPS Lux┬« will attempt to explain VPS technology. First, we’ll give out the boring technical explanation and then follow it up with an analogical reasoning in layman’s terms. We shall keep it short and sweet.

Traditional Server vsVirtual Server

A VPS can be regarded as a chunk of a computer server. It is the logical partitioning of a physical computer server into smaller equal or disparate portions. Logical because it doesn’t involve a seesaw and flying debris! The ability to logically partition a server is made possible by both hardware and software improvements.

In fact, advanced virtualization software was developed by systems programmers to take advantage of hardware instructions. These instructions (read computer code) make it appear as if multiple private operating systems can coexist and run simulatenously while preserving security and stability.

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Analogously, a VPS is to a computer server what a slice is to a pizza. It is that simple! In fact, a VPS and a slice of pizza have so much in common.

In addition to its advantages, VPS can empower web hosts to host many online websites on a single and physical “host server” and as you have mentioned it is more cost-effective or less expensive than the dedicated servers (which is the most expensive). In simple words, it is practical to use and has more advantageous features than shared hosting servers. Shared hosting services is the least expensive of all but it will only give you low to moderate traffic. While VPS can give you moderate to high traffic.

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