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Martfox Internet Services New Website

Martfox New Web Site

Martfox Internet Services, leading web hosting provider of shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated plans announces the release of a new website along with free web hosting plan upgrades for all of its current clients.

Martfox Internet Services newest presence on the web offers a refreshing presentation of information that even those new to web hosting will find easy to understand and navigate.

USA & UK Web Hosting

Major differences between UK web hosting and US web hosting.

UK web hosting has its headquarters/data centers in the United Kingdom (England) sometimes recognized with a .uk or .co.uk domain.

US web hosting has its headquarters/data centers in the United States sometimes recognized with a .us domain.

 Choosing either location for your web hosting services can provide you with many advantages, although you are only going to notice such advantages if you are running a website which is aimed at a specific target audience located in or close to either location.

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VPS Web Hosting

Traditionally, businesses with dire need for dedicated computing resources go out and purchase a dedicated server from a provider. This has worked out very well and is still the best venue to guarantee resources and response time. In recent years, however, there has been a sporadic growth of very small businesses (VSBs). These are businesses owned by small but ambitious entrepreneurs.

Dell Servers

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